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Are you ready for some football? Fun facts about the Philadelphia Eagles to kickoff the season

Just in case you somehow missed it, the Eagles season kicks off this weekend! As the season goes on, we’ll see the usual uptick in traffic and congestion for those heading down to the stadium to tailgate or watch the game. Alternatively, you may decide to invite your friends and neighbors for a game party instead of dealing with the traffic and crowds when heading to the stadium. Hosting a watch party at home is definitely fun, yet you also need to make sure you’re properly covered with your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. So, be sure your policy is up to date. Have any questions about your insurance? Give us a call!

To kick off the season, we thought it’d be fun to share some interesting facts about our beloved Philadelphia Eagles. How many of these did you already know?

Two Star Wars Movies Contain Secret Eagles References

David Acord loved his Philadelphia Eagles. The Lucasfilm sound engineer was tasked to devise a language for the alien Teedo in 2015’s Stars Wars – The Force Awakens. David referred to the Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox and tight end Brent Celek as he made the reptile-like beast say “Celek” and “Fletcher” on screen. David Acord also made “Fly, Eagles Fly” in an Esperanto translation in the Rogue One – A Star Wars Story. This song was a mystical Jedha City Chant. 

Did You Know The Eagles’ Anthem Lyrics Have Been Changed Over The Years? 

Almost every one of today’s Eagles fans can recite the “Fly, Eagles Fly” fight son. However, do you know the songs initially written by Charles Borrelli and Roger Courtland in the late 1950s were “Fight, Eagle Fight”? The anthem had almost disappeared by 1997 until the team pep band resurrected it. New lyrics were added with the tempo sped up. Since then, Billboard has listed “Fly, Eagles Fly” among NFL’s finest jingles. The Roots band from Philly has also covered it a few times. 

Philly Featured In The First NFL Game On TV

The Eagles in 1939 lost 23-14 to the now-defunct Brooklyn Football Dodgers on October 22, 1939. An eight-member NBC crew filmed the game and showed it on one of the Network’s affiliates in New York City. Almost 500 New Yorkers watched the game, which lasted for two hours with no commercial interruption. 

John F. Kennedy And His Brothers Could Have Owned The Franchise

What if a sitting president owned part of an NFL team? This was what could have been in 1962 when the Eagles were looking for a new owner. At a bargain price of $6 million, it was a tempting prospect for the First Family, who thought of taking ownership of the team. Former Senator Ted Kennedy revealed that he received a call from his brother inquiring about owning a third of the Eagles. While all three agreed to get it done, the deal never saw the light partly due to Jack’s responsibility as president of the United States. 

Sylvester Stallone Attended Lincoln Financial Field’s First Game

What is more Philadelphian than seeing Rocky Balboa rock an Eagles jersey? You can imagine the scene on September 8, 2003, when Stallone appeared at the Lincoln Financial Field’s first game. Stallone, well-known as a fan of the club, attended the game wearing a Duce Staley jersey. Since the Eagles’ inception in 1933, they have had six different venues, including the present $512 million Lincoln Financial Field. The stadium is also referred to as The Linc. Meanwhile, Sylvester Stallone filmed himself urging the Eagles to “Keep Punching” in the buildup to the 2017 NFC Championship Game. 

An Unbelievable Eagles Win Made The Quarterback Kneel Popular

It is presently a regular practice for quarterbacks to take a knee and run down the clock when their team in the lead and has the ball in the game’s last seconds. This wasn’t always the case, though, as many consider the move as unsportsmanlike. Yet, it became popular in 1978 during the Eagles-Giants “The Miracle of the Meadowlands” game. 

New York led 17-12 and had possession of the ball with barely 30 seconds left. Yet instead of kneeling, Giants’ QB Joe Pisarick attempted to hand the ball to one of his fullbacks only to drop the ball. Eagles’ Herman Edwards reacted quickly to pick the ball and score a touchdown to win the game. The New York fans were stunned. A week later, the league accepted the quarterback kneel-down and it has remained since. 

Philly Is The Only NFL Team With The Left-Facing Logo 

Philly’s bird-head design debuted in 1996 after its earlier logos featured a soaring eagle with a football in its talons. Uniquely for an NFL badge, you may have realized that Philly has theirs facing left. You will realize the reason when you look closely. There is a capital “E” concealed in the neck feathers. 

Philadelphia City Workers Attempted Greasing Streetlight Poles To Stop Eagle Fans From Celebrating On Them 

Eagles earned hosting rights for the NFC Championship Game after defeating Atlanta in the 2017 Divisional Round playoffs. Knowing how excited the Eagles fans could be, the city workers decided to grease street lights in Philadelphia. The move was an attempt to discourage the diehards from scaling light poles after the game. Not surprisingly, the Philly fans took it as a challenge after the win to photograph themselves climbing greased-poles in defiance. 

So, Are You Well-Prepared And Protected For This New Philly Football Season? 

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