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Remember These 3 Tips When Winterizing Your Car

Can you believe it? We couldn’t even make it until December to experience our first snowfall in the Greater Philadelphia region. With more and more leaves falling off the trees and frost on our cars being the first thing that greets us in the morning, it’s certainly safe to say that winter is coming across Philadelphia. Here at Freedom Insurance Group, Inc., we do more than just provide great rates on car and homeowners insurance in Philadelphia, PA. We also want to make sure you are prepared for the slick driving conditions of a Pennsylvania winter.

Preparing your vehicle for winter, or what is commonly known as winterizing your car, can help keep you and your family safe while heading over the river and through the woods this holiday season. Learn more about our vehicle winterization tips by reading below.

Inspect your tires

As the temperatures begin to drop, so will the air pressure in your tires. Before you head out on any long road trips, checking the air pressure of all four tires and having a spare on board is crucial. When you go to inspect your tires, if you notice they lack good tread, you should consider switching out tires. Winter tires are designed for optimal tread in snowy and slippery conditions and can be a big benefit to you.


Keep a clear windshield

Windshield wiper blades that leave streaks on your glass, or are stiff and cracking should be replaced before a winter drive. Plus, with the salt residue being sprayed on roads and the combination of dirt and mud, always remember to have your windshield wiper fluid filled and containing an antifreeze agent.  


Don’t leave your gas tank empty

To prevent moisture from freezing in the gas lines, avoid leaving your gas tank empty. If you can, try to keep a full gas tank in freezing conditions.


While there are countless other vehicle winterization tips we could have shared, we’ll leave it to just these important three. At Freedom Insurance Group, Inc., we want to make sure people living in Philadelphia are safe and insured. To learn more about our car and home insurance available in Philadelphia, PA, and much more, call our offices today!