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How To Keep Your Car Cool In The Summer

By July 13, 2016June 11th, 2021freedom insurance group

car shadeThe heat can make us all feel miserable and getting in a hot car only makes it worse. The stifling air and hot steering wheel make you rethink public transportation. There are plenty of easy things you can do to keep your car cool in the heat. Putting a sun shade on your windshield will block the rays from the sun heating your steering wheel and front seats. Tinted windows are another good way to block the sun not only when your car is parked but also while driving.  Be sure to check with your car insurance agent for your state’s laws regarding the restrictions for the darkness of the tint allowed. When parking your car, look for a shaded area or a spot where the sun hits the back of your vehicle as opposed to the front. Covering your leather seats with a towel or cooling pads will help keep the seats somewhat cooler and not expose your skin to the hot leather. Have your air conditioner serviced and recharge your system or add refrigerant if needed. When getting in your car turn the air on full blast and crack your windows slightly until the air inside the car is cool.  Waiting to put children and pets in the car until the car cools down is strongly suggested.  We hope you find these tips resourceful.  We hope you stay safe and comfortable in these summer months!