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Car insurance is one of those things where you’re kind of happy with what you have, but you’re always trying to finagle more savings. We get it. Savings are important! But is there anything more you can do to lower your car insurance rate in PA than just be a great driver on the road? There sure is! Take a look at the list below. 

Maintain a Good Credit Score

In very simple terms, credit score is an indicator of risk. The better your credit, the less of a risk you are to those who are lending you money, and vice versa. Credit scores influence your lending offers, interest rates, and to a certain degree, your insurance rates. Studies show that credit scores are good predictors of automobile risk, so individuals with better credit are likely to have fewer claims associated with their driving record.  

Be Mindful of Mileage 

Mileage may not be the biggest determining factor when it comes to your car insurance premium, but it doesn’t hurt to aim for low mileage. A lot of insurance companies will offer low-mileage discounts for those who drive less than the annual average mileage.  It may not be possible for everyone all the time, but it’s worth giving a try. How can you cut down on the number of miles you drive? Try carpooling or taking mass transit to work. 

Review Your Coverage

Do you have the right coverage for your vehicle? If you’ve recently driven a new car off the lot, you’re probably protecting it for all its worth with comprehensive car insurance. That’s smart! This is an investment that you don’t want to see ruined anytime soon. But, if you’re driving around in a car that may or may not get you to your final destination, you don’t need comprehensive car insurance. Review the coverage for each vehicle and make sure you’re not paying for more than you need. 

Ask About Bundles

If you own a car, you most likely own or rent the roof over your head as well. Just like your vehicle, your home deserves to be protected. In fact, some complexes may demand you get homeowner’s insurance. When you’re juggling multiple insurances at once, it’s best to combine them! Insurance companies are known for doing great bundles, such as multiple car discounts and combined car-home packages. 

Shop Around

When it comes to insurance, it pays to shop around. Not every company will offer you the same rates; some will be a whole lot better than others. That’s why it’s important to visit multiple companies and compare the different quotes your agents offer you. 

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