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5 Ways to Help Protect Your Home From a Flood

By July 13, 2020May 12th, 2021Home Insurance

Those who live in Philadelphia or the surrounding regions are no stranger to floods. In fact, the most recent storm caused one heck of a flood and power outage. Since hurricane season is officially here, we hope these tips will help you keep your home safe from future floods.

Invest in a High-Quality Sump Pump

The best solution for keeping unwanted flood water out of your basement or first floor is by installing a high-quality sump pump. Sump pumps are electrical devices placed in the lowest part of your home that collect rainwater as it’s coming inside and disperse it away from your home. Most sump pumps are extremely affordable to install, especially when you take into consideration how expensive water damage repairs can be.

Keep in mind that powerful storms, the kinds that raise the risk of floods, could also cause power outages. Since sump pumps are powered by electricity, you need to be prepared with a backup power source, like a generator or a backup battery.

Seal Cracks in the Foundation

Any holes, cracks, or gaps in your home’s foundation invite water indoors, and not just in the event of a storm. It’s important to seal these gaps as soon as possible and use a waterproof sealant or finish for extra protection.

Safeguard Electrical Systems

Water and electricity don’t mix, but you know this already. What you might not know is that electrical systems, from the outlets to the circuit breakers to the wiring, need to be raised at least one foot above the floor level, according to the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH). Make sure your heavy electrical appliances follow suit.

Consider Flood Sensors

Sometimes, even the best flood protections may be no match for a really powerful storm. In this case, all you can do is try to limit the amount of flood damage. Flood sensors can be a big help with this!

These devices are installed in low areas of the house that should typically be dry. If they sense any water, they will send out a flood alert. This gives you enough time to form a last-minute response or take emergency action. Some home security systems are equipped with flood sensors if you’re looking for a great two-in-one deal.

Move Valuables Upstairs

Certain household items are impossible or extremely expensive to replace if they get damaged in a flood. As the water level rises, make sure you move electrical appliances, artwork, furniture, and any other possessions you can easily carry, upstairs to a safe place.

We will always be by your side to weather the storm. If you’re interested in learning more about auto insurance or homeowners insurance for Philadelphia residents, please contact us today.