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3 Ways to Spend Summer at Home Together

With the world around us slowly changing to a new normal, it’s tempting to get out and go on vacation elsewhere this summer. However, many of us are still going to be spending time at home, and as a homeowners insurance provider in Bucks County, PA, we want your home to feel just as amazing as a traditional vacation. Now is the perfect time to take on the heat inside and out by making plans to bring summer fun into your daily activities at home.

Revitalize the Outdoors

If you have outdoor space, this summer is the time to let it shine. Setting up an area for water-related activities is a smart way to stay cool in the heat, whether it be a hose, a sprinkler, water guns, water balloons, or a pool if you have the privilege of owning one. Another area to spruce up or build for the summer is a fire pit area. Having a campfire is not only a great social centerpiece to late-night drinks under the moon, but it’s also great fuel for family activities such as cooking s’mores or hot dogs. Overall, revitalizing your outdoor space to fit your family’s perfect summertime narrative is a great way to make your home fit for summer.

Indoor/Outdoor Time

Not all activities have to occur either indoors or outdoors; they can be done in both settings. Whether it be simple small things such as reading books or listening to music, or if it is the other side of the coin with eating meals or exercising. Mixing up where you do things between the indoors and outdoors is an easy way to help reclaim both spaces as having diverse purposes and making your daily life visually different each day.

The Great Indoors

Summer fun doesn’t have to take place entirely outside. There are plenty of family activities to do inside your home. Pop some popcorn and catch up on the latest movies, build a pillow fort, play board games, or even try out something different such as Dungeons & Dragons or arts & crafts. Spending time inside, especially when the weather is unbearably warm, can be a great way to learn more about yourself and your family while still enjoying the season to its fullest.

Safe & Sound at Home

At Freedom Insurance Group, Inc., we care about your home and having it remain secure. Regardless of season or occasion, those with our homeowners insurance in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas can rest assured that their house will be covered in the event of a tragedy. Whether you choose to spend a good amount of this summer at home or continue with your usual travel plans, we hope you have a fantastic vacation worth remembering!