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Stay safe and prepared while travelling in your car this winter.

By January 9, 2015May 12th, 2021Car Insurance Philadelphia

When news hits of a big snow storm everyone heads to the grocery store to stock up on milk, bread, snacks and essentials.  Then they head out to buy salt and shovels.  This way they are prepared if they are stranded at home in a snow storm.  But what about getting stranded in your car?  How long could you survive?  Last year during an ice storm people were stuck in their workplaces, schools, and for the the unlucky ones who ventured out…their cars.  I know in my car….I wouldn’t last more than a day.

We’ve compiled a list of items to keep inside your car, that could keep you alive if you were stuck in a snow/ice storm or even in this bitter cold.  Don’t keep these items in your trunk in the event it freezes shut.  The best place is in your back seat.  Gather these items and keep them in a plastic bin.  You may never need them, but if you do, you’ll be glad you took the time to prepare.
1.  Snow scraper and brush.
2.  Shovel, kitty litter and a large piece of cardboard.  If you get stuck in the snow and your tires are spinning this will help to get your car moving again.
3.  First aid kit.  Any necessary medications.
4.  Water bottles and food such as crackers, cookies, protein bars, hard candy.
5.  Windshield wiper fluid.
6.  Flash flight
7.  Jumper cables
8.  Cell phone and charger.  A good idea is to also have the hand-crank charger which will work in the event your car battery dies.
9.  Hat, gloves and a scarf.  You can also pick up the hand warmers that you can put inside your gloves or boots.
10. Battery operated radio.
11. White t-shirt or fluorescent t-shirt to hang on antenna if you break down.  Flares if you live in remote areas.
12. Wool blankets to keep warm.
13. Toilet paper.
The cold weather is upon us and although it’s important to protect our homes and cars most importantly we need to keep our families safe.