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It’s here – your teenager is turning 16 and asks the question “Can I get my license?” You can look at it two ways….you will now have to worry about your teen on the roads or they can now drive to practices and stop at the store to pick up the milk. Allowing them to take the test and get their permit is a big decision. It is an exciting time for the teens, but stressful for the parents.

Your teen getting their drivers license will also affect the cost of your auto insurance. All companies are different. Some insurance companies want to you put the teen on your insurance policy at the time they get their permit and other companies allow you to wait until they get their actual drivers license. Make sure you call your insurance agent and ask them how the company you have works.

Here are some practical steps to prepare your teen to drive:

  • Make the decision that he or she is mature and ready to take on the responsibility of driving.
  • Get the state driving permit book.
  • Are you going to teach them to drive or will he/she take driving lessons with an driving school. Keep in mind you may get a discount on your auto insurance if your teen takes driver safety so it may be a good idea for them to learn from a certified driving school.
  • Let them practice with you in the car on the roads and in empty parking lots.
  • Add them to your policy. If your teen is a good student you may also be eligible for a Good Student discount on your auto insurance as well.
  • Take the Test.

Think about having your teen sign a driving contract with you. Some of the things you may want to include are:

  • Never Drink & Drive.
  • No texting or emailing while in the car.
  • Limit the number of teens in the car as passengers.
  • Will your teen pay for gas or pay for their share of the insurance and maintenance expenses?
  • List the days/times and usage when your teen will have access to the family car.
  • Always have proper car insurance.

Now is also good time to start teaching them the proper way to maintain a vehicle. That includes auto insurance including what the coverage means, registration, inspection, what to do in an accident and the responsibility of owning and operating a vehicle. If your teen wants to get their own auto insurance, go to our website and learn more about what you will need to get started. or call Freedom Insurance Group Inc. at 215-673-0300.