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Have you had the same insurance for years and years? Your loyalty may be costing you money. All insurance companies do not determine their rates the same. There are driving factors and non driving factors that go into the rate. Driving factors are accidents, moving violations, and tickets. Non driving factors are age, marital status, credit, education, and occupation.

Contrary to popular thought, different insurance companies utilize and weight each of those factors according to their own matrix. So you would have no idea if their matrix was working for or against you. This is where it is beneficial to have an independent agent working for you. They plug your information into all the companies they represent and find the best coverage at the best price for you. Should the matrix change or rates go up, an independent agent will have other options for you to consider. Freedom Insurance Group Inc. represents over 10 A+ rated insurance companies. Talk about options. Most companies also offer a discount if you bundle your homeowners and auto insurance. They will also be able to tell you if bundling is a good option or not. An independent agent can also offer you car insurance with one company and homeowners insurance with another. Those are great options to have. In today’s day none of us can afford to pay more that we have to for insurance.

Many people stay with their current company because they perceive switching as a hassle, even if it does save them a couple bucks. It is so easy to get an auto insurance, homeowners insurance or renters insurance quote. It takes less than 15 minutes to give an agent your information and then they do the rest.  If you are tired of paying the insurance company for yourloyalty, call Freedom Insurance Group Inc. today for a free no obligation quote at 215-673-0300.