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Summer home maintenance tips

By December 3, 2001June 11th, 2021Uncategorized

The weather is warm, the sun is shining and we all want to be outdoors.  But with being outdoors comes safety measures around your home.  You want to be able to enjoy your weekends so spend some time now preparing your home and outdoors for entertaining.  If you have a deck, you want to be sure your insurance agent is aware so that it is properly insured on your homeowners policy.  A deck is a great place to hang out but needs to be in good shape to entertain.  You want to remove or replace any wood that is damaged to reduce the risk of a fall or injury that could result in a homeowners claim.  Check the deck for any cracked, rotting or loose wood.  Be sure all nuts and bolts are secured.  If your deck is sealed or stained it is recommended to refinish it yearly. With just a mild detergent and water you can effectively clean the outside of your home from any bird, dust or dirt that has accumulated over the winter months.  Cleaning out your dryer vents not only creates a more energy efficient dryer but also reduces the risk of a dryer fire. Dryer vents can be easily cleaned with a small brush or duster.  Swing sets and trampolines should be checked for loose bolts and springs.  You can find bug repellent and bee hive treatments at most home stores to keep your guests and family members free of bug bites. Check your grass and rocks for any divets or small holes the winter or animals have made to avoid any tripping hazards or falls.  Taking time to do some simple maintenance will allow you the free time you deserve this summer and also put your mind at ease knowing you have reduced the chances for a home insurance claim.