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Spring Break Tips

By March 23, 2016June 11th, 2021Uncategorized

Are you planning a little spring break travel? With Easter approaching we all want to spend quality time with our loved ones and friends. Here are some helpful tips to decrease your stress.
If you are planning on driving, have your auto mechanic take a look at your tires, wipers, oil and shocks to decrease your risk of having any issues while you are on the road.
Be sure to have your insurance id card, registration and roadside assistance number in your glove compartment if needed.
Make sure your cell phone is charged.
Try not to post too much information on social media about being away or the length you will be gone. It’s hard not to share but it helps to keep your home safe from potential break in’s.
Leave a timed light on in your home or have a neighbor check on your home and take in your mail.
If you are flying be sure to have all important and necessary paperwork together and in an envelope for all who are traveling together.
If you are renting a car, remember your ID card to show to the rental car company for proof of your insurance.
If you are traveling abroad, have your passport in a secure place and ask your hotel/lodging if they provide a safe or safety deposit boxes you may use or rent. You will feel much more relaxed with your important paperwork, money and valuables knowing they are secured.

Leave your travel arrangements with someone that you trust so they know where you are traveling too and where you will be staying.

Lastly, enjoy yourselves wherever your destination is!