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When you think Road Trip, you think adventure, singing in the car, anticipation and creating fond memories. Add kids to the mix and suddenly Road Trip may not carry the same meaning. Things can go down hill pretty quickly if you are not prepared.

Besides the dreaded question, “Are we there yet?” and “Im Bored.” a war may break out in your car if the kids aren’t getting along. Which also becomes a safety hazard when you are driving.  You can become distracted without notice.  Therefore, it is important to take the necessary precautions.

When you prepare for a road trip, you typically ask yourself these questions;
Is my vehicle properly maintained and ready for a road trip? Have I checked my tires, tire pressure, windshield wiper blades, gotten an oil and filter change?
Do I have my owners card and insurance card in the glove compartment?
Do I have roadside assistance? (If not, do you know that for only a couple dollars a month you may be able to add roadside assistance to your insurance policy? Companies like Safeco and Progressive offer this service to its policy holders.)
Do I have a navigation system, map or my route planned out?
Do I know where the rest stops are to refuel or use the rest rooms?
Did I pack my cell phone, charger and car charger?
Do I have a first aid kit? A spare tire or roadside emergency kit?
If you are bringing kids ask yourself these questions as well…..
Did I pack movies, books on disc, books, card games, hand held video games?
Do I have a cooler with drinks, snacks and sandwiches if I am not stopping for a meal?

Do I know any back seat games the kids can play in the car?

If you haven’t played car games while on a long drive here are some you can plan on:
I spy, 20 questions, name that tune, the picnic game, and various versions of games using out of state license plates. If all else fails, you can always turn on the radio and start belting out the tunes! Remember when it comes to kids, they are best behaved when they are occupied and enjoying themselves.  A little preparation goes a long way and the ride will certainly become part of the fun and fond memories!