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Recreational vehicle insurance

By May 25, 2016May 12th, 2021Uncategorized

Choosing the style, type, size and interior for your RV is very exciting and you can’t wait to go explore the great outdoors and take in some sights! But the next crucial steps is to properly insure your recreational vehicle. Much like auto insurance, RV insurance has state requirements for financial responsibility laws. In Pennsylvania insurance minimums are $15,000/$30,000/$5,000 for bodily injury and medical benefits. Although these are the minimums, is it enough to properly protect your RV and to give you peace of mind if you have to use your RV insurance? Similar to auto insurance, you can add comprehensive and collision coverage as well as roadside assistance to your RV insurance policy. Some ways to save are available if you have an active membership with specified Recreational Vehicle Associations. Safety discount course is not only a smart way to improve your driving skills but will earn you an added discount off the cost of your recreational vehicle insurance. Anti-theft, alarms and disabling devices greatly improve the security of your RV and make it easier to track if the RV was ever stolen. CDL licensed drivers will be entitled as will airbags for a discount in additional, so will anti-lock brakes. Auto insurance and Rv insurance again are alike in that your age, marital status, driving record and claim history all factor into what your rate for insurance will be. Be sure to give Freedom Insurance Group a call at 215-673-0300 to see what savings we can offer you on all your insurance needs!