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Drivers in Pennsylvania have been feeling the sting of potholes wreaking havoc on their cars. Philadelphia drivers know all too well that hitting a large pothole at high speeds can cause extensive damage to your vehicle. From flat tires to scrapped undercarriages, damages can start to add up to expensive repairs. Depending on the damage, drivers can end up paying thousands of dollars for repairs. But by having the proper car insurance, drivers can breathe easy knowing that their car insurance will cover the damages.

When you hit a pothole, it is crucial to assess the damage done to your car. You should check these four areas for damages:


Tires are highly susceptible to pothole damage since they are the part of your car that comes into direct contact with the hole. You can experience damages like a flat tire, sidewall bulges, and tread separation. Driving on damaged tires is unsafe and they should be repaired quickly.


Depending on the damage done to your wheels you may have to replace them. Damage like a bent wheel may be able to be repaired in some cases, but cracked or chipped wheels must be replaced.


Potholes tend to damage a car’s undercarriage, and having a pothole tear a hole in your car’s exhaust pipes, muffler, or catalytic converter can lead to your vehicle leaking dangerous pollution into the atmosphere. Your health can also be at risk if these leaking pipes let fumes get into the cabin.


Hitting a pothole can cause many problems with your car’s suspension including misalignment, broken ball joints, and damaged shocks or struts.  Keep an eye out for your steering wheel not being centered or your vehicle pulling to one side as these are indicators that there is something wrong with your car’s suspension system.

After assessing the damages done to your car, you should contact your Philadelphia car insurance provider to make a claim. Pothole damages will be covered under your collision insurance if you have that coverage. If you are in need of collision insurance, Freedom Insurance Group, Inc., is the leading provider of auto insurance in Philadelphia, PA. We can help you get a policy with the right coverage to protect you against a road hazard such as potholes.  

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