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Pet Injury Coverage on your auto insurance policy

By June 30, 2016May 12th, 2021Uncategorized

Do you have a pet that enjoys going on rides with you and the family? Do you frequently take your dog to a dog park? Do you know that some auto insurance companies have pet injury insurance coverage included under the collision coverage provision on your auto insurance policy? There is no added cost but is available to only dogs and cats. We all know in the state of Pennsylvania, car insurance is mandatory to protect ourselves, our passengers and others. It’s nice to know we can protect our pets as well in the unfortunate case of an auto accident. In order to have pet injury coverage, you need to have collision insurance on at least one vehicle on your auto insurance policy. Because it is included in your collision insurance, there are no deductibles. If your dog or cat is injured as a result of an accident, your auto policy through the collision coverage will assist with paying for the veterinary bills and medicine needed if your pet is injured while driving with you in your vehicle. Keep in mind, pet injury coverage is not the same as pet insurance. Pet insurance typically is purchased by the owner and covers veterinary bills when your pet is sick or injured. Pet insurance sometimes has a deductible and maximums. In order to provide pet injury coverage be sure to tell your insurance agent at Freedom Insurance Group Inc, about your pet so that you can provide the same peace of mind to your loved pet as you do to your passengers. In the worse case scenario, you can be granted up to $1,000.00 if your pet dies as a result of a comprehensive/collision claim. If your vehicle should happen to be stolen with the pet inside, the $1,000.00 death benefit will apply also.