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Why we love being insurance agents

By April 6, 2016June 11th, 2021Uncategorized


Freedom Insurance Group Inc, considers our customers like family. You can often hear one of our customers on the phone saying, “I’m at Freedom,” as if they are at their friends house. We enjoy hearing about their day and sharing in their life’s moments. We develop our relationships in person or over the phone. Our customer relations begin with the customer needing insurance but it blooms into so much more over time. We can meet auto, home, life, recreational and umbrella insurance needs. One of the best components of being an insurance agent is celebrating with our customers their milestones in life. Whether it may be purchasing a new vehicle, new home, engagement, marriage, birth or adjusting to a teen driver, we are here to guide and assist to ensure they are properly covered. We enjoy sharing our knowledge about insurance so that the customer feels secure and well informed to make a sound decision purchasing insurance based on their needs. We are often asked where to find a tag agency or help them fill out their auto registration which we gladly do. We are thankful when our clients will call or stop in to say hello and even to drop off a holiday or thank you treat!  We are often shown pictures of the new family pet, latest completed home project, and of course the families themselves enjoying life. The greatest compliment one of our customers can give us is a referral to their family, friends and co-workers. We enjoy having been able to provide quality customer service and insurance coverage that secures stability and peace of mind for our clients.  Above all else, we pride ourselves for having a trusting and loyal relationship with our customers.  We look for ways to save them money so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor on others things such as home projects, vacations, or to just save for a rainy day.