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This week’s ice storm has had a strong impact on the community in many ways. If you are driving through Bucks County, roads are closed, lights are out, trees are down and many still do not have power. Most people have not even assessed all of their damages thus far. People have damage to their homes from fallen tree limbs and with no power for the last 3 days more damage may follow. Heavy tree limbs and branches fell on cars denting hoods, breaking windows, cracking headlights and causing even more problems. If you are unsure if your damages to your vehicle or home are covered be sure to call your insurance agent. Keep in mind your deductibles as well. This winter which started early has proven to be a rough one so far.

What was really nice is the way the community reached out to those in need. Libraries and schools set up shelters; offering to charge phones and electronic devices. They also extended hospitality to come in from the cold and have coffee or hot chocolate. A high school even offered for residents to come in and use the shower facilities. Those who did have power opened their own Bed & Breakfasts…brought in friends and family, those in need, for warm a place to sleep and hot meal.

Smart phones have enabled people to learn about the resources available in the community in real time. I can’t even remember how we found out about school closings 20 years ago during power outages and knowing when the power should be restored. We have so many ways now to receive information by checking social media, websites, and simply opening our email. If you escaped damage to your home, car, and have power then count your blessings. And to the Moms and Dads who have been home with the kids for days…well Monday is just around the corner.