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Homeowner insurance in Philadelphia

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Home Insurance

Have you just purchased a home or have your goals set on buying a home in the future? You will spend countless hours looking online as well as in person. You have made your wish list for what you want in a home and look forward to obtaining your dream home. Once you have picked the perfect home for you, there are serious issues you need to face. Beyond the colors on the wall, hardwood vs carpet and when your housewarming party will be, you need to think about home insurance.
Home insurance is the one way you can protect your home from the mishaps that could potentially happen. You want to assess your assets and protect them by buying homeowners insurance. You want to consider what would happen if you had an unfortunate situation occur within or outsideThe Greenwich | McBride & Son Homes of your home and protect yourself. Home insurance is based on the amount your home would cost to rebuild if needed. This is called the dwelling amount. The dwelling amount for home insurance is set by a universal builders code that calculates how much your home would cost to rebuild. It takes the present day cost of building materials and labor to restore your home. The market value of your home takes into consideration the current prices homes in your general area are sold for based on the neighborhood and what the home offers.
Home insurance covers the ut-oh moments in the home such as a leaking or broken pipe. If someone happens to get injured in or on your property you would be covered. Your personal items would also be covered in the event you had your home broken into. You need to take a personal inventory of any valuable items you have so you would know how much coverage you would need in the event you had to replace them. You also take into account your furniture, clothing and personal belongings along with any electronics you own. Let Freedom Insurance Group help your homeowner dream come true. or call 215-673-0300