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Home Safety and Homeowners Insurance

By September 12, 2014May 12th, 2021Insurance, Insurance Philadelphia

It’s impossible to prevent all homeowners claims, but you sure can prevent some. Take the time to do a home inspection of your own.

(1) Check your appliances to ensure they are working properly and hooked up appropriately. Read manuals prior to use and keep an eye out for recalls on products that have been known to cause hazards.

(2) Change your smoke alarm batteries twice a year. If your smoke alarm does not have a CO2 detection, purchase those separately. You can check out our video on CO2 to understand the importance of CO2 detection:  They are just as important as Smoke alarms.

(3)When is the last time you purchased a fire extinguisher? If yours is old, contact your local firehouse and see if you can go there and have it checked.

(4) Have your roof and gutters checked by a professional. Clean leaves out of the gutters and check for missing siding or roof tiles.

(5) If you have a fireplace, have it cleaned and inspected by a professional as improper ventilation can emit CO2.

(6) Do you have large trees on your property? Heavy winds can cause weak limbs to fall and cause damage to homes and/or vehicles.

(7) Have you considered installing a monitored alarm system, deadbolt locks or screen doors?

(8) If you have a sump pump, is it working properly and do you have a back up pump?

(9) Have you checked for cracked steps or uneven cement on your walkways?

(10) Be aware of any plumbing or electrical issues that may signal a more significant problem.

When choosing deductibles make that decision carefully. Although higher deductibles mean lower premium, make sure you can afford those deductibles in the event of a claim. You will also have to choose liability limits for your homeowners policy. Be mindful of your lifestyle. Do you own a dog, have a pool, trampoline, throw large parties? These elements add risk to the insurance company as well as the insured. A licensed experienced agent will help you make well informed choices when purchasing homeowners insurance.