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Halloween Safety tips

By October 28, 2014October 6th, 2021Insurance, Insurance Philadelphia

There are only 57 more shopping days until Christmas!! But first Halloween is only 3 days away. If you haven’t gotten a costume time is running out. Whether your plan is to be a Witch, Cat, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Harry Potter, Fairy Godmother or a little pumpkin, safety is always a top priority. Halloween and Mischief night are times to be aware of.  Unfortunately, there are damages to homes and vehicles on those nights.  You are also at risk for someone to get hurt on your property while collecting their Halloween candy.  As a homeowner, you want to do your best to reduce that risk, especially since so many kids will be walking up to your door.

Here are some tips for keeping your auto and home safe as well as the trick or treaters!

Keep your vehicle locked.

Park your car in a well-lit area if possible.  The best place is in the driveway or garage.

Fold in the side-view mirrors if you are parked out on the street.

Keep outside lights on to illuminate your home.

Sweep leaves away from your walkway and front door.

Remove any obstacles where someone could get injured.

If there are any deep holes on your lawn or sidewalk, place a cone in them to alert people there is a hole.

When lighting a fire pit, keep it in an area out of the path of trick or treaters and keep a fire extinguisher near by.

If you own a dog keep them in an area of the house where they will be unable to run towards or out the door (especially if they are not good with strangers). We wouldn’t want to scare any trick-or-treaters!

Will you be making any ghostly Halloween treats in the kitchen?  Use caution around the stove and deep fryers.  Have your kitchen fire extinguisher handy and use those oven mitts!

If your kids are going out for Halloween, walk with them.

Have kids cross at the corner.

Only go to houses with the lights on.

Carry a flashlight…some neighborhoods have little in way of lighting.

Have kids wear comfortable shoes and dress warm, this Halloween it’s going to be a little chilly.

When taking toddlers out, bring a stroller in case they get tired.

If you have teenagers going out with friends give them a curfew and check in with them throughout the night.

The best place to give out candy is to sit at the end of your driveway or close to the sidewalk.  This will save those little trick or treaters some time and you needn’t worry about someone falling or tripping on their elaborate costumes.

Make it a rule to keep all candy in the bag until you have thoroughly checked it at home.

And always say Thank you!

Freedom Insurance Group Inc. hopes you will have a safe and very Happy Halloween!