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Today with the Internet it is very easy to get an insurance quote. You plug in your information or call up the insurance company directly, they take your information, send you an email, you e-sign the documents and you have insurance.
Sounds easy, right? Easy, but not always the best choice. You are going to have auto insurance as long as you are driving and homeowners as long as you own your home. You are going to need to speak with an agent at some point during your policy period. If you would feel more secure speaking with an agent that you can trust and always go to, then strongly consider finding an Independent agent with an office you can visit.

While you have the policy you may have questions, need to make changes to your policy or require additional insurance. So many people come into our office or call with questions on their policy and unfortunately if we did not write the insurance, we are not able to help them, because we do not have access to their policy on our systems. So before you make the purchase, be sure that you don’t need a more hands on insurance partner. Take the time to see if there are agents in your area that write insurance for the company you want. Independent agents can also tell you about discounts that you are eligible for, as well as finding the right company for you.

As convenient as 1-800 numbers are… sometimes it is nice to pull up a chair and have a face to face conversation with a licensed agent. A good agent will ask you many questions to determine which insurance policies you should be carrying as well as types of coverage you should have. Agents who work in a call center are on a time limit and are interested in writing a policy and getting off the phone. They are not looking for ways to help customers, save them money or build a relationship. They also can only provide a quote for the company they work for. Have you ever tried to order circus tickets online? The operator gives you one choice, if you ask for other options or don’t answer quickly enough that you want the tickets, they hang up on you. There is something to be said about personalized service and most people appreciate good service. At Freedom Insurance Group we are loyal to our customers not the companies we represent.

While there is talk that one day drivers will be able to purchase insurance at a kiosk. As a consumer that is not something that I would be interested in. I want to speak with someone who can provide me with all the information I need to make informed decisions regarding my insurance. If I have a claim, my circumstances change, I purchase a new car, buy a new home or add a pool to my home, I want to know that I can call my agent whom I know well and get the best insurance at the best price.