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Auto Insurance Shopping In Philadelphia – Freedom Insurance Group, Inc

Auto insurance shopping in Philadelphia doesn’t have to be difficult. At Freedom Insurance Group Inc.,we do the shopping for you. We are an experience auto insurance agency in Philadelphia and can assist you in getting the right auto policy based on your auto needs. Basic coverage’s in Pennsylvania start with state mandated coverage’s you must carry and you can add on collision, comprehensive, higher liability limits, under-insured and uninsured motorist protection as well as your tort options. Low mileage on your auto can also be applied as a discount. Senior drivers qualify for a reduction in auto premium by taking a defensive driver course and on the other hand, young drivers can save by taking a drivers education auto class.

Freedom Insurance Group offers many discounts for your auto insurance to keep your auto premium low. Such discounts include, your education level, your occupation, marital status, paperless billing and payment options. Purchasing a new auto or having safety features on your auto can also save you money. Owning your home will qualify you for a homeowner discount and could keep your insurance premium low by bundling your auto and home insurance.

Auto insurance rates in Philadelphia are also based on the type of auto you drive, which safety features your auto has such as air bags, anti-lock brakes, restraints and alarms. Auto rates are also based on your zip code and driving record such as tickets or accidents. Your auto insurance premium is also calculated by what coverage’s best suite your individual needs taking into consideration your assets, drivers in household and liability amounts needed to protect your family. Freedom Insurance Group, Inc. can cater to your specific auto insurance needs.