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5 Key Ways to Save in the New Year

By January 26, 2017May 12th, 2021Uncategorized

Since 2017 hit, everyone has been looking for ways to save this year. 2016 wasn’t so kind, and with bill after bill, it can be overwhelming.  Instead of worrying about tomorrow, it’s important to think about today. What can you do?  

We at Freedom Insurance Group have put our heads together to come up with ideas for you to think about so you can save money this year. It’ll be a hard, long road, but the extra money will add up over time, eventually saving you quite a lot. Ride it out with us, and see where it takes you.   

  1. Switch up your grocery habits
    First, you have to ask yourself, “What are my grocery habits?” This bill varies significantly from household to household, and it can be anywhere from $70-$1,500 a month for just two adults. If you have a larger family, you could be spending even more than that. By changing things up a little bit, shopping around, using coupons or making a few sacrifices, you could lower your monthly costs by a lot. Ice cream isn’t always necessary (but most of the time it is).
  2. Never pay the full price
    Coupons are the answer — that is, if you really need what you have in your cart. Always make sure you are buying something you actually need, and not just because it’s on sale. Search online for coupons, check your mail, ask at stores, and talk to your friends for advice. That way, you are never paying for items you need at full price. 
  3. Reduce your energy costs
    There are many things you can do in your home to reduce your monthly bills. Get a programmable thermostat. Check the caulking on your windows and doors. Replace all the lightbulbs in your home with energy efficient LED bulbs. Turn the temperature of your water heater down. By changing your day-to-day, you can lower the costs of heating, water and electricity bills.
  4. Review your insurance to see if you can save money
    Reach out to us at Freedom Insurance Group. We not only want you to be able to save money on your bills, but we also want to help you save on insurance — any kind of insurance. We can take care of your homeowners insurance, life insurance, car insurance and much more. We will not only find you the best prices, but we will work with you and your personalized budget to get you just want you need.
  5. Are you eligible for life-changing discounts?
    If you have married recently, or bought a new home or car, we are here to cut you some slack. Give us a call today to see if you are eligible.

Our customers are family to us, and that includes you. If you have a little extra money in your pocket, to us, that’s a job well done. Just think what you could do with those savings! You could go out into the world and enjoy yourself or spend some quality time together with your family. Please contact Freedom Insurance Group today and start saving.