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5 Car Safety Tips to Keep in Mind While You’re Shopping

Holiday shopping is great fun, and it’s a fulfilling opportunity to treat your nearest and dearest to gifts that will benefit them throughout the new year. However, it’s also a time when criminals and opportunists target motor vehicles. As a leading provider of auto insurance in Philadelphia, PA, we’ve gathered some car safety tips to help you avoid falling prey to thieves this year.

Invest in a Cargo Cover

If you drive an SUV, hatchback, wagon, or crossover, your vehicle likely has an exposed cargo area. One way to solve this problem is to utilize a cargo cover. If you’ve lost yours or you don’t already own one, we recommend ordering one from your local dealership or auto store. If you own a cargo cover, make sure you always put it to good use.

Lock Shopping Bags in the Trunk

This should be a given, but we want to remind you that leaving shopping bags in plain view increases the chances of a break-in. Presuming your vehicle has a trunk, make sure all of your shopping backs are locked away securely inside.

Drop Gifts Off at Home

If you purchase an expensive item or have just completed an enormous shopping trip but plan on staying out, take a detour home and drop off your purchases. This short-trip could save you hundreds of dollars and a mountain of disappointment.

Utilize Vehicle Compartments

Most modern vehicles have fantastic storage compartments. It’s not uncommon to have multiple glove compartments, a large center console, and extra storage space in the dashboard. Specific cars even have concealed storage areas beneath the cargo floor.

Park Away from the Entrance of the Mall or Store

When you park away from a mall or store entrance, you reap several benefits. First and foremost, you’ll decrease the chances of your car being damaged by a carelessly opened door or a stray shopping cart. Second, you’ll find it easier to locate a parking spot. If you decide to shop during the evening, make sure you park in a well-lit location. Additionally, take a second to be aware of your surroundings as you approach your vehicle.

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