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4 Ways to Help Protect A Home While on Vacation

By June 17, 2019May 12th, 2021Renters Insurance

When we go on vacation, it’s great to know that our home is being looked after or watched over while we’re away. As the leading provider of renters insurance in Philadelphia, PA, we want to offer our clients as much advice as possible regarding the protection of their homes, themselves, and their assets. So, we’ve created this helpful article with a few useful home protection tips.

Have Friends, Family, or a Neighbor Collect the Mail While You’re Away

If you haven’t had the mail canceled or diverted to another address, we recommend that you ask a friend or neighbor to collect the mail every couple of days. This is because people can notice that your mailbox is full, and this is a clear indication that nobody is home. This can result in a break-in and robbery from opportunists looking for vacant properties. In the end, it’s far better to be safe than sorry, and whoever checks the mail can keep their eye on the house in general.

Leave the Blinds in Their Usual Position

If you are somebody who regularly has your blinds open all day, leave them open when you go away on vacation. Although you probably won’t want strangers looking into your home while you’re away, people would notice if the blinds are shut for over a week. You want the house to give the impression that somebody is home. If you have your electrics on a timer, close the blinds halfway so that people don’t notice that the TV is broadcasting to an empty living room every night.

Beware of Social Media

People love posting their vacation photos on their favorite social networks. What they often don’t think about is the way that this advertises a vacant property to potential thieves. If you want to be extra safe, don’t post any pictures until the day that you arrive home. This way, you can be safe in the knowledge that all your worldly possessions are safe while you travel.

Beware of GPS Technology

Occasionally, a GPS leads burglars directly to people’s empty homes. For example, if a car is stolen from an airport area, a thief can switch on the GPS tracking and have the vehicle lead them directly to a vacant property. To get around this problem, set the GPS in your car to a place that is near to your home such as a restaurant or a landmark. This way, you still get directions close to your property, and potential thieves don’t. If your GPS is portable, don’t leave it in your car, take it with you on vacation to keep it safe.

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