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As temperatures plummet, it becomes apparent that winter is on the way — or perhaps it’s already here! From the deep freeze until the spring thaw, cold temperatures can wreak havoc on your car. As a trusted provider of auto insurance in Philadelphia, PA, we’ve collected some tips to help prepare your vehicle for the cold season.

Check Your Tires

When temperatures drop, so does the air pressure levels in your car tires. Roughly one pound of pressure can be lost for every 10 degrees it gets lower outside. When tire pressures drop, it can become dangerous to handle your vehicle, so always ensure that your tires are sufficiently inflated. For areas with particularly bad winter weather, consider purchasing snow tires. These will help improve the grip of your vehicle and help it to navigate across treacherous terrain. 

Get Your Car Tuned Up

No matter how the weather is, we recommend regular vehicle maintenance. That said, freezing temperatures can be detrimental to your car. For this reason, it’s best to get your vehicle professionally inspected and tuned-up before winter arrives.

Wiper fluid levels will need checking before the rain, sleet, and snow arrive. Having a full reservoir inside your car means that you can clear your windshield even on the snowiest of days. Although, you may need to purchase deicer if the ice sticks fast to your windshield overnight.

You may also require winter-grade oil, as cold temperatures can impact the viscosity of car oil. Heavier oils are less effective in cold weather and blustery conditions. Review the vehicle manual to check which oil is appropriate and safe for your model. Alternatively, talk to your mechanic. Seasonal changes are the perfect time of year for an expert to check your brakes, battery, and heating/cooling system.

Pack a Winter Emergency Kit

Here at Freedom Insurance Group, Inc., we recommend adding a winter emergency kit to your vehicle. This particular set of items should be packed with things that will be useful in cold conditions in case of an emergency. Consider adding a shovel, boots, gloves, an ice scraper, and some sand/salt for dealing with gritty roads.

Ultimately, with preventative maintenance and preparation, you can get your car ready for the cold season! For additional information, or to find an excellent quote for auto or home insurance in Yardley, PA, click here to speak to a member of our team.