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Classic Car Insurance

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Classic Car Coverage for Collectors in Southeastern PA and New Jersey.

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A classic car is so much more than a vehicle. It’s your hobby, your passion, your weekend work, and your showpiece. That’s why it needs something more than just regular car insurance. Classic car insurance protects your dream car like the investment it is.

Special Coverage for a Special Category of Cars

If you own one or more classic cars, or you’re dreaming of the day you’ll get one into your garage, you know they are something special. One thing that makes classic car ownership unique is the wide variety of ways to personalize your investment.

Some classic car owners enjoy the restoration process, so they fix up a car, sell it, and buy their next project. Some want to live out the nostalgia of their youth by maintaining a popular car from their teen years. Still others want to build a collection for displaying at car shows. However you choose to engage in classic and antique auto culture, protecting and preserving your car is always a priority.

Classic car insurance is different from standard auto insurance in order to account for the value, usage, and rarity of these cars. When first purchasing their hobby cars, many classic owners review their regular auto insurance policy with the intention of adding the car to it. What they quickly realize is that the coverage really does not apply. More than that, the coverage they really need most isn’t listed at all.

Insurance companies have responded to the rising popularity of classic cars by designing specialized insurance that provides the right protection.

Classic Car Qualifications for Insurance in PA and NJ

Not every old car is qualified to be insured as a classic car. While there is a fairly common standard that the car should be at least 25 years old, age alone does not meet the threshold to be a classic car.

Value plays a big role in qualifying a classic car. If you were to look up the book value of the car, it would be based on assumptions of the condition and mileage for its age. As a collectible, though, the value is more difficult to determine. Classic car owners and insurance providers will come to an agreed value of the car based on its actual condition, mileage, and market price.

Since many classic cars begin as a restoration project, and because they will continue to get older and presumably more rare, the value of the car will change over time. Typically, it will increase as it is brought back to pristine condition and becomes harder to find on the market. Classic car owners are encouraged to review their coverage each year to make sure it is still adequate.

Classic car policies include the cost of replacement parts. This is a key element of this type of coverage, since repairing an older car with original or retro-fitted parts is more expensive and time-consuming. The insurance providers also take custom service providers into account. Policy owners are able to take their car to a qualified mechanic or body shop, which costs significantly more than the traditional shops that accept standard car insurance.

Collector or Commuter: Classic Car Usage Affects Coverage

Part of the fun of owning a vintage vehicle is showing it off. But the way you drive your classic can be a dealbreaker in qualifying for insurance. Classic car policies exclude cars you drive for everyday commuting.

A specialized policy typically sets mileage limitations, requires you to own another car for daily use, and confirms that you can securely store your vehicle. Work with your provider to make sure you understand how the car should be transported to car shows or club meetings, as this may need to be spelled out in the policy.

While a classic car insurance policy is designed to protect the car as a collector’s item, many owners still want to have some flexibility to drive it. Be upfront with your insurance agent to make sure that the coverage you need fits the way you want to use the car. As long as you watch the miles, you should have the freedom to drive your showpiece once in a while. If you really want it to be your main car, then a standard auto policy with higher coverage limits might be the better option.

However you want to drive and insure your favorite classic car, Freedom Insurance Group will make sure you have the right coverage. We are located in Northeast Philadelphia, and we work with car enthusiasts throughout Bucks County, Montgomery County, and New Jersey to help them protect their investment. Call us to start qualifying your classic car for the right insurance at 215-673-0300, or fill out our online form below. We look forward to hearing all about your passion project!

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