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Spring Home Maintance

By March 9, 2016June 11th, 2021Uncategorized

Spring-Cleaning-Outdoor-SpacesIt looks like we can finally talk about spring! It’s time to start looking around our homes to spot any potential dangers or risks that may have occurred during the harsh winter months. Spring home maintenance is an important factor for every home owner. Take a walk around your property and clear any dead trees or limbs and cut trees and shrubs away from siding and roofs. Make sure all foundation and gutter drains are draining properly. Clear gutters of any debris from the fall/winter. Patch any cracks in the driveway and sidewalks. Repair any wind-damaged fences and gates, as well as checking on siding, trim and the roof. Inspect all vents such as attic, whole house and dryer.  Be sure to take a look at your chimney for any falling stucco and have chimney cleaned and creosote build-up removed and have chimney lined if necessary. Make sure the chimney screen cap is still intact.  Check inside for any separation between the fireplace and hearth as well as firebox. This is also a great time of year to change the batteries in your smoke detector as well as carbon monoxide detector. Also check your garage door openers for battery life.  Entry and exit ways to your home should be evaluated for loose handrails, loose screen and storm doors. You want to also check for any air leaks. Look for any broken glass or seals on windows and panes.  Check any steps or decking that could be a fall or tripping hazard.  When reattaching garden hoses check for any leaks from main source and that connections are intact. Any outdoor electrical outlets should be checked by an electrician or with a tester.