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Halloween Safety

By October 30, 2013May 12th, 2021Insurance, Insurance Philadelphia

Halloween Safety
It’s trick or treat time. If you are going out, here are some tips on keeping kids safe.

1. Make sure kids go out with a responsible adult.
2. Check costume length to prevent tripping.
3. Ensure the kids can see out of the masks.
4. Take a flashlight.
5. Invest in the glow necklaces or bracelets to keep track of your little monster.
6. Don’t let them eat any candy until it is checked thoroughly at home.
7. Watch crossing the streets.
8. Only go up to houses with the lights on.
9. No running.
10. Bring along an extra candy bag so when the bag gets too heavy for the kids, they can pass it along to you.

If you plan on giving out candy at your house here are some safety tips to keep those trick or treaters safe on your property. Having Homeowners insurance is not enough, do your best to avoid liability claims.

1. Make sure your front door has proper lighting.
2. Keep a clear path for all those kids.
3. Sweep away any debris or wet leaves which can be slippery.
4. If you have a dog that barks a lot or will try to escape out the door, keep him/her secure in your home.
5. If you have outdoor decorations, such as mums, pumpkins, scarecrows, or scary décor keep those away from the path kids would take to knock on your door.
6. Look for tripping hazards such as cracked cement or uneven pavement – try to fix or put out a sign to warn visitors.
7. Only give out store bought, wrapped candy that cannot be unwrapped. Or non-edible items such as pencils, erasers, stickers, or bouncy balls.
8. Cut any branches or trim any bushes that are in the walking path.
9. Don’t put any decorations on your steps.
10. Keep your Homeowners insurance policy in force. Don’t forget to make your payments.