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How to Avoid Getting Drowsy While Driving

Every year, thousands of traffic accidents are caused as a result of drowsy drivers, many of which lead to major loss or death. As the leading provider of car insurance in Bensalem, PA, we want to keep our customers safe from danger on the roads at all times. That’s why we’ve listed some tips to avoid getting drowsy when driving.

Get Enough Sleep

Although this may seem obvious, most drowsy driver incidents happen because a driver is not fully rested when operating a vehicle. The best way to avoid drowsiness behind the wheel is to get enough sleep before getting into the car. Avoid driving at all costs if you know that you are sleep deprived –  it could save your life and many others!

Make Use of Rest Stops

Rest areas are often found dotted along highways and freeways and are designed as safe spaces to take a nap when spending a long time on the road. Although some rest stops will only allow cars to stay for one hour at a time, this is enough time to take a quick nap. We even recommend consuming coffee or an energy drink high in caffeine before you take a nap; this way, you will be more refreshed and alert when you wake up.

Travel With a Passenger

A lot of drowsy driving accidents are caused by single occupant vehicles. If you travel with a passenger, you significantly reduce the chance of falling asleep behind the wheel. Also, a licensed passenger can take over the driving if you are starting to feel exhausted during your journey.

Use Caffeine to Your Advantage

Caffeine is not a replacement for proper sleep and rest. However, if you are starting to feel a little tired, coffee, tea, or an energy drink that is high in caffeine may help you to become more alert and focused when driving long distances. Chocolate is also a good source of caffeine, so keep a bar or two in the vehicle to stay safe and awake at all times.

If in Doubt, Check Into a Motel

If you are overly tired and there are no rest areas in the vicinity, you should seriously consider checking into a motel or a roadside lodge. Ask the front desk if they can facilitate an hourly room rate and explain your situation; this could be the difference between life and death if you are in danger of falling asleep at the wheel.

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