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4 Sensible Shopping Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

By December 20, 2016May 12th, 2021Uncategorized

It is that crazy time of year, when getting behind the wheel of a car or approaching the grocery store seems like a feat in and of itself. Danger lurks in the mundane things that many wouldn’t even consider a problem normally. Why is that? The holiday crowds. Everyone is out and about during the holiday season shopping for extra food supplies, gifts, and the like. Their schedules are busy and stop lights aren’t in their best interests. It is a dangerous time, and we at Freedom Insurance Group want to make sure that you are safe. To us, our clients are like extended family, and we don’t want anything bad to happen, especially during the holidays.

In order to stay safe while shopping, it is best to keep a few things in mind.

Even though you are rushed, stay alert.

If you are stuck in your head, going over lists, or too involved in what you are doing, you will lose track of your surroundings. This goes for both when you are on foot as well as when you are in your car! If you’re thinking about a million things, you could easily run into something or get yourself into a situation. We want to remind you to keep your head up!  

Do not overload yourself with purchases.  

Carrying multiple items can crowd you, make you off balance, and act as a large distraction from your surroundings. If you’re doing a lot of shopping, consider stopping off at your car, unloading, and hiding your purchases in the trunk. This will reduce the strain on you and keep you on your toes.   

Avoid wearing expensive jewelry, protect your purse or wallet, and beware of approaching strangers.

You know what this means. It is a bad idea to ever leave your valuables unattended in a crowd, and even worse not to check them. Keep good attendance of your belongings; this time of year is notorious for con-artists who can distract you with the intention of taking your valuables. Do not let that happen by keeping an awareness about you.   

Shop with friends or family.

There is always safety in numbers, especially when all who are present remain vigilant and look out for one another.

This year, let’s keep safety in mind; Freedom Insurance Group wants you to have a successful shopping experience while also being able to enjoy yourself. We know all about the bustle the holidays bring, but with stress levels high, you are more susceptible to theft and injury. Please be careful.